The Many Signs of Sleep Apnea

Excessive Sleepiness During The Day. Most of the people suffering from this kind of condition experience daytime sleepiness that is excessive or EDS hyperactivity or problems in their behavior. This is mainly caused by the interruptions in their sleeping patterns throughout the night as they wake up time after time without their knowledge. Lack of high quality sleep can leave one feeling sleepy after waking up the next day.

Lack of Breathing. This is one of the symptoms of sleep apnea that is the source of the name apnea. The episodes that causes a person not to breathe for around 5 times per hour are referred to as mild apnea while those that cause no breathing episodes for over fifty times per hour are referred to as severe apnea. These periods of shortness of breathe determine the severity of the condition on a person. These stops in breathing may be accompanied with episodes of choking while sleeping at night or the occurrence of gasping spells.

Loud Snoring. Snoring is basically a loud noise that a person makes while they breathe at night as they sleep and it is caused by an obstruction in the airway. Snoring has other causes such as a blocked nose and sleeping in a bad body position among other causes. Nearly all the people who are suffering from sleep apnea snore at night while they are sleeping. However, not every one who snores suffers from this condition. Snoring is not a harmful condition but apnea can have detrimental health effects to the person suffering from it since it causes deprivation of oxygen due to the complete blockage of the airways.

Sudden Awakenings. Most of the people who are suffering from apnea will have abrupt awakening throughout the night to restart their breathing or will wake up all sweaty. Most of those who exhibit these signs will be unable to recollect the occurrence of such an event after waking up in the morning. Such symptoms can be identified by partners of the individual or other people with whom they share the bedroom with.

Hypertension. There are other numerous causes of hypertension that most people are quick to point at when they find out that they have hypertension. Apnea becomes the last resort for many people since there is a high likelihood that they are also not aware that they are suffering from such a condition in the first place. Apnea causes oxygen deprivation and blood exerts more pressure so that it can supply oxygen to as many parts of the body as it possibly can.

Nocturia. Nocturia is a condition that makes a person wake up at night to urinate. This is common among adults whereas children will wet their beds instead since they may not have the ability to wake up at night. This can be viewed to be a normal thing but it may be one of the symptoms of sleep apnea. If this symptom is seen, it should be noted and other observations made so as to identify other symptoms and confirm the doubts.