The CPAP Machine

CPAP machine, which stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, is a respironics device that works under positive pressure therapy. This respiratory device uses machines to assist people who have obstructive sleep apnea so that they can breathe more efficiently as they sleep. This device is made up of machines (same dimensions as shoeboxes) and face masks, especially for the mouth and nose. On the other hand, these machines have tubes, which run to the masks. Considering these machines are medical devices, the approval of the Food and Drug Administration is essential. Therefore, patients who want to use them must have medical prescriptions.

Luckily, patients can use Goodknight CPAP machines in their homes as they sleep at night. To ensure the machines are functional, they must have these:

Fitting nose prongs
Masks that cover the mouth and nose
Masks that particularly cover the nose – NCPAP or Nasal Continuous Positive Airway Pressure
How the CPAP Machine Works
CPAP machines normally work by increasing air pressure in people’s throats in a way that their airways do not collapse as they breathe in. Additionally, when people use these machines, their partners are able to sleep perfectly as well. For instance, they machines push air through the patient’s passages using exceptionally high pressures that prevent apnea occurrence. Sleep apnea is a complication that affects breath control during sleep (people literally stop breathing for some few minutes or seconds). Apart from users adjusting the pressure levels for every patient, these machines are effective for either obstructive sleep apnea or central sleep apnea. However, the determining factor in this case is the sleep apnea degree patients have. The latter takes place whenever brains are unable to send breathing signals to breathing muscles. On the other hand, the former occurs when airwaves collapse as people sleep.

Normally, the medical insurance of most patients are the one that cover the CPAP machine. This way, buyers have a freedom of picking desirable CPAP machines. In the same way, patients have the preference of renting CPAP machines instead of buying their own, particularly when they have insufficient funds. Current internet service providers also offer these devices at affordable price ranges, depending on the machine complexity. However, in this case buyers need to carry out the relevant research and review prior to making any online purchase.

Generally, the CPAP machine is useful for treating both severe and moderate sleep apnea:

People having coronary artery diseases and use a CPAP machine as a remedy have a less probability of having heart failures or other heart problems.
Investigations have valid proof that moderate to severe sleep apnea causes low blood pressure.
Incessant positive airway pressures lower daytime sleepiness, particularly in patients suffering from moderate to severe sleep apnea.
Results After CPAP Treatment

It might take some time for people to use a CPAP machine successfully. If people are unable to use these machines, they need to make medical consultations with their physicians. If the machines fail to work as intended, there are other masks that work in the same way. A CPAP machine is the most efficient nonsurgical treatment option for people suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. Being a top treatment option, people widely use this machine. The main three reasons why many doctors use this machine is because it is a cure for mixed sleep apnea, moderate to severe sleep apnea and curing people having sleep apnea, heart failure and coronary artery disease.

Top 10 Common Side Effects

Mask leaks.
Excess dreams and nightmares.
Sore throat.
Dry nose.
Nasal congestion.
Running nose.
Eye and face skin irritation
Most Uncommon Complications

Severe nosebleeds
Lining bacterial infection around spinal cords and brains
Disadvantages of CPAP

A CPAP machine is one of the best treatments for sleep apnea. Several users have fewer complications when using these devices. However, quite a number of users have several complaints that develop as they use the machines. Some of the complications include:

Nasal Congestion. The air that comes out of the CPAP machine is dry. It worsens during winter seasons when there is a lot of heat. In most cases, this causes runny noses, sneezing, nose bleeding and stuffiness. Many CPAP machines are readily available with humidifiers. However, if users buy machines lacking humidifiers they have the freedom of adding theirs.
Claustrophobia. In some cases, users feel that the masks they wear make them suffer from a condition called claustrophobia. For instance, people should try wearing the machines as they watch television or when they are relaxing. In the same way, these users need to use these devices when they are sleeping. Wearing CPAP masks and using the CPAP machines everyday enables people to wear the masks during night hours.
Poorly Fitted Masks. CPAP masks are available in different sizes and shapes. People might need full face masks because nasal pillows and mouth breathers to lessen their claustrophobic condition. Additionally, there are quite a number of nasal masks accessible made by different manufacturers. All these masks ought to float on the user-faces. The CPAP machine must not be strapped tightly down because they have a tendency of leaving marks on users. It is an important thing that the machines should not leak out air by keeping on the seals. This helps in getting sufficient pressure for holding the airway in case there is an air-leak around the masks.
Users must also ensure that their CPAP masks fit them appropriately. Medical gadget providers or sleep disorder experts ought to have the abilities of helping patients find appropriate masks. Quite a number of manufacturers have thirty day trade-in policies so that users can experiment on several masks before they ultimately get the appropriate fits.

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