Natural Herpes Remedies And Cure For Herpes Outbreaks

Do you want to know how to cure herpes? How to stop your outbreaks and send the virus into remission? Well, some of the most effective ways can be fund in all natural treatments, simple oils from plants can help just as much, if not more than prescription drugs. They cost less, and have far less side effects making them a very viable and more permanent alternative to costly pills.Samento oils. These are available as a solid pill or in drinkable extracts. Samento is found in a rainforest plant and is said to be very helpful to the immune system.Since herpes outbreaks happen when your immune system is compromised, this will help stop outbreaks. In its original location of use, Peru natives drink Samento tea to help their health. Teatree oils: The Tea tree has been found to be a very effective cure all when concerning the skin. Most times you will find this as a concentrate and only a very small amount is needed to see effects.Most often, Tea tree oil is used to treat sore throats, acne, or other skin sores. Simply spread some of the oil to the effected area and wait for the oil to start healing. Combining essential healing oils properly will help quicken the process of healing for an outbreak. Peppermint and Olive oil combined with some lavender is one such combination. This all natural remedy will help greatly with healing sores on the skin.

Tea tree oil is an all natural treatment plan that will help you cure your outbreaks and send the virus into remission, where it will not bother you any longer click here to check it out. Relief can also be found in Lemon balm when using it as a cream on the skin. Lemon helps heal the skin and will sooth any sores that you spread it on. It will quicken the pace of healing an is all natural and cheap to boot. Licorice root, which contains glycyrrhizic acid, has also been noted to be very beneficial to the treatment of herpes simplex.

In lab tests, very high levels of this acid have been shown to actually irreversibly stop herpes and send it into permanent remission. You should know that long term use of licorice has shown to cause potassium loss and retention of salts, so if you have high blood pressure, seek a doctors advice before starting on a regiment of licorice. You should also take any herbs that will boost your immune system further into consideration. Maintaining a diet that is good for your body and immune system is key to defeating herpes.

Herbs such as goldenseal and garlic are very effective at this, and have been used since ancient times as remedies and cures. Getting enough sleep and exercise is also important, as well as avoiding stressors such as alcohol or caffeine.All the remedies above are very efficient, safe, and will not have the long list of side effects found in prescription medication. Hopefully this article as set you on a positive path to defeating herpes and finding a cure.

Although you may always carry herpes, it is very possible to send it into remission and avoid its unpleasant effects. If you can balance your mind and body, herpes can become a non issue in your life. Avoid foods that are bad for your diet, and stay healthy and well exercised. Taking up a hobby such as tai-chi or yoga would be very beneficial. All this information and more can be found in the Herpes Eliminator treatment plan, which will show you how to send the virus into remission and stop outbreaks for good.