Symptoms Of Sleep Apnea

Breathing is a natural occurrence. However, there are instances when it becomes irregular and at times like this the body is bound to have negative physiological effects. For instance when a person tends to only breath through the mouth while sleeping, there is bound to be some adverse reaction on […]

Sleep Apnea Symptom: Breathing Through the Mouth

Experiencing a scary nocturnal episode as a result of a traumatic or intense dream can be viewed as a reactional bodily reflex. However, when this condition begins to recur in both old and young people, then this is a clear sign of a physiological problem and research has distinguished a […]


Hypertension is a condition that could arguably be described as one of the most common bodily ailments. However its causes and effects are extremely varied. There are numerous factors that contribute to or arise as a result of hypertension. Recent conclusive studies have drawn a clear relation between high blood […]


People who snore are often made fun of and jokingly talked about. However, snoring is not a trivial issue. While many people just consider snoring to be disrupting and loud, it could be a signal of a serious condition known as sleep apnea, though apnea patients may not necessarily be […]

Sleep Apnea Symptom: Snoring

Though it may not be apparent, sleep disorders (particularly sleep apnea) affect a greater number of people than expected. This disorder is distinguished by the manner in which sufferers tend to skip single or multiple breaths while sleeping. Normally people do not take longer than ten seconds between individual breaths. […]

Sleep Apnea Symptom: Lack of Breathing

If you relentlessly feel drowsy and regularly have the urge to sleep at inappropriate times, then you are most likely suffering from what is scientifically known as ”Hypersomnia”. This is known as excessive sleepiness in simple terms and is mainly characterized by lethargy as well as a major urge to […]

Sleep Apnea Symptom: Excessive Sleepiness